Seeds of Freedom

Posted on November 20, 2012 by admin

This is a full 30 min doco made by the African Biodivesrsity network and the Gaia Foundation. It’s narrated by Jeremy Irons and stars may of our food heroes like Dr Vandana Shiva, and makes a compelling case for not ‘helping’ underdeveloped nations by introducing GM seeds and large scale industrial agriculture.It uses the voices of a number of food activists and importantly African farmers to “highlight how the loss of indigenous seed goes hand in hand with loss of biodiversity and related knowledge; the loss of cultural traditions and practices; the loss of livelihoods; and the loss of food sovereignty.  The pressure is growing to replace the diverse, nutritional, locally adapted and resilient seed crops which have been bred by small-scale farmers for millenia, by monocultures of GM seed.” Watch it for a great overview of the arguments and issues, and then visit their seeds of freedom website.

It was produced/directed by Jess Phillimore who has a lot more on his Vimeo site

Seeds of Freedom from The ABN and The Gaia Foundation on Vimeo.