Pig worship

Posted on June 12, 2013 by admin

The restaurant in this video is in Hove, near Brighton UK, and is called L’Eglise and the sacrificial pig is a rare breed Middle White. The music is a bit maudlin, but the desaturated coloured images work well until you get to the food shots which then look like black and white food shots and not so appetising. The chef on screen, and who supplies the commentary is Jean-Christophe Martin, archetypical Gallic. When you look at the restaurant’s website you realise that the sensitive production has to have come from the filmmaker Mark Bader. And that dead pig, dry aged for fifty five days, looks transcendant.

The pork producer mentioned is Richard Vaughan, who with his wife Rosamund, run Huntsham Court Farm in the Wye Valley in Herefordshire.   Their website is marginally better than the L’Eglise one, but their beef, pork and lamb clearly is a hit with name chefs such as Fergus Henderson (see the ‘What the Chefs Say’ section).