Mind of a chef (PBS series)

Posted on March 24, 2013 by admin

I doubt if we’ll see this series on broadcast in Australia (lamentably, like many of the terrific PBS shows) but you can now rent the full episodes of the first season online, on the Mind of a Chef on PBS video if you can spoof your location as USA. (Did I say that?)

Of course you can buy the DVD from PBS if you want to wait a bit, in the meantime, there’s a lot of teasers and behind the scenes video available on YouTube.  The series is made by the same production company as Anthony Bourdain’s No ReservationsZero Point Zero and continues the David Chang style set in Lucky Peach (momo fuko). Not slick, you’re watching the phenomena that is Lucky Peach, see their Tumblr site. Updated with backstage stories, alternate graphics, like this mockup cover for the enjoyable Chinatown issue which convinced me to resubscribe.

tumblr_mjxd0eKMQf1rljaeco4_r1_1280On the Tumblr site there was some work by Mike Houston who did some clever Ramen illustrations in Lucky Peach No 1 was part of the reason I subscribed initially. He’s offering a great set of his line drawings as posters here on the Canonball Press site. Like this one from the set of fantasy labels that include Western Folks Mega Buffalo Ramen.

You might as well see what’s on the Lucky Peach YouTube channel but it’s got lots of the reasons why I almost gave up on Lucky Peach.