Learning Farming

Posted on May 16, 2013 by admin

This is clearly fits into our Growing the Growers agenda, trying to keep small scale agriculture alive and exciting. I commend to you to the other short videos in the Grown in California series. Here’s their YouTube Channel .

The program is an initiative of the Center for Land Based Learning

The California Farm Academy consists of a nine-month training program that meets part-time in the early evenings and on weekends, followed by a farm business incubator component. In the farm business incubator, qualified graduates of the training program are eligible to lease plots of land at less than typical market rates for up to three years.

The Center’s Founder Craig McNamara (who owns Sierra Orchards), was awarded the 2012 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award.  The Center’s Advisory Board is a who’s who of food heroes. Have a look at their other initiatives as well.