How broadband aids a seaweed farmer

Posted on September 19, 2012 by admin

Shot as plug for broadband access. The story behind a seaweed farming family in Sabah, Malaysia, and how they used the internet to drive sales of their produce to make a better life for themselves.

Although it’s a bit forced in the dramatised sequences, this a nice slice of food documentry. You now know about edible seaweed (apparently it’s sometimes sold as sea bird nest).
Need a recipe for seaweed soup?   How about Hi-fiber Pumpkin Sea Bird Nest Kelp Soup and Jelly

Shot on the Sony F3 with S-LOG and Sony kit lenses plus an Arri Ultra Prime 20mm. Underwater sequences shot with a 5D MkII. Produced by Wayang Works and directed by Nadiah Hamzah.