Seeds of Freedom

This is a full 30 min doco made by the African Biodivesrsity network and the Gaia Foundation. It’s narrated by Jeremy Irons and stars may of our food heroes like Dr Vandana Shiva, and makes a compelling case for not ‘helping’ underdeveloped nations by introducing GM seeds and large scale industrial agriculture. Continue Reading →

Cheese trends

As you’ll see over on our Regional Food “Talk and Cheese‘ section, we’ve always been obsessed with cheese. While this video series gets a bit repetitive (very flat presentation), and uses the non-words ‘artisan’ and ‘fast-casual’, we’re sharing the idea around.
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Haiku for dinner? Whole Foods ‘Dark Rye’ magazine videos

Ok, maybe I’m slow but I’ve just discovered Whole Foods video / web magazine Dark Rye. It looks like it was started in July 2012, and the stated editorial intent is to “Meet the dreamers, doers, and makers. Dark Rye tells the stories of people changing the world they live in, and hopefully inspiring you to change the world you live in.”
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How broadband aids a seaweed farmer

Shot as plug for broadband access. The story behind a seaweed farming family in Sabah, Malaysia, and how they used the internet to drive sales of their produce to make a better life for themselves.

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Lesson 1. How to do a food tourism video

This video was produced with Slow Food who chose the participants and has won a number of Tourism Awards. It’s changed my impression of Serbia, and like a good travel promotion, made me want to visit.

Lesson 2. How not to do a tourism video

Even if you think it will appeal to a younger audience! Nice place, Gstaad, shame about the talent and the telegraphed story ‘hooks’.

What we do

Productions such as this video we’re working on with Joyce Wilkie and Michael Plane from Allsun Farm. There’s more details at the Growing the Growers website.