Barcelona Truffle Tour

Marcos Morciilo and Xavier Vilanova of Micologia Forestal & Applicada run a tour for truffle growers and wanna-be growers each year. Continue Reading →

Sandor Katz is Sandorkraut – pickle maker

This short documentary profiles the queer farmer and food writer Sandor Katz, whose work in culinary fermentation transformed his relationship with life and death.
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Finding Gaston – Trailer – Cucina Peruana

Here’s a trailer for FINDING GASTON, a new documentary about Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio that’s had some good Festival screenings. Continue Reading →

Previewing Pollan

Alice Waters, Mario Batali and writer /cook Samin Nosrat pretty much nail how important Michael Pollan’s argument in his book COOKED is, that we have been civilised by cooking and then somehow forgot how to do it. And why you might like his book (and it’s not about TV cooking shows).

Ma’ Hidden Kitchen Supper Club Milan

Pop-up dining and secret location diners are driven by the fun of the experience but also the love of good food and fresh company. Milanese couple, Melissa and Lele may have their faces obscured on their nicely designed website but they reveal their very likeable personalities in this clip. Their blog has some examples of their menus, there’s clearly a designer in the mix.

Mind of a chef (PBS series)

I doubt if we’ll see this series on broadcast in Australia (lamentably, like many of the terrific PBS shows) but you can now rent theĀ full episodes of the first season online, on the Mind of a Chef on PBS video if you can spoof your location as USA. (Did I say that?) Continue Reading →

Haiku for dinner? Whole Foods ‘Dark Rye’ magazine videos

Ok, maybe I’m slow but I’ve just discovered Whole Foods video / web magazine Dark Rye. It looks like it was started in July 2012, and the stated editorial intent is to “Meet the dreamers, doers, and makers. Dark Rye tells the stories of people changing the world they live in, and hopefully inspiring you to change the world you live in.”
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Hong Kong Honey – from Nokia

This video was done by Sydney production group the silentlights. Their description says “Hong Kong is home to more than 7 million people. Amongst the high rise apartments, product designer Michael Leung founder of HK Honey, has created his own space bringing nature back into the metropolis one box at a time. Continue Reading →