Finding Gaston – Trailer – Cucina Peruana

Here’s a trailer for FINDING GASTON, a new documentary about Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio that’s had some good Festival screenings. Continue Reading →

Antonio Carluccio cooks for The Truffle Festival

Here’s a 14 minute video that we’ve just finished of the cooking demonstration that Antonio gave as part of the Truffle Festival event at the Emirate Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa in the Blue Mountains. He was going to cook just two truffle dishes but there was a request for a gnocchi dish so he whipped up (mashed up?) a gnocchi genovese.

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Pig worship

The restaurant in this video is in Hove, near Brighton UK, and is called L’Eglise (The Church) and the sacrificial pig is a rare breed Middle White from Huntsham Court Farm in the Wye Valley in Herefordshire.

Learning Farming

This is clearly fits into our Growing the Growers agenda, of trying to keep small scale agriculture alive and exciting. The California Farm Academy consists of a nine-month training program that meets part-time in the early evenings and on weekends, followed by a farm business incubator component.

Holy Gotham Greens Batman!

I’ve got a negative ‘thing’ about hydroponic vegetable growing. Why bother? is the first question. What’s wrong with good, organic dirt?

Previewing Pollan

Alice Waters, Mario Batali and writer /cook Samin Nosrat pretty much nail how important Michael Pollan’s argument in his book COOKED is, that we have been civilised by cooking and then somehow forgot how to do it. And why you might like his book (and it’s not about TV cooking shows).

Ma’ Hidden Kitchen Supper Club Milan

Pop-up dining and secret location diners are driven by the fun of the experience but also the love of good food and fresh company. Milanese couple, Melissa and Lele may have their faces obscured on their nicely designed website but they reveal their very likeable personalities in this clip. Their blog has some examples of their menus, there’s clearly a designer in the mix.

Mind of a chef (PBS series)

I doubt if we’ll see this series on broadcast in Australia (lamentably, like many of the terrific PBS shows) but you can now rent the full episodes of the first season online, on the Mind of a Chef on PBS video if you can spoof your location as USA. (Did I say that?) Continue Reading →

The new age butchers

Butchers who care about their sources of meat and how they relate to customers demanding sustainability and quality, have been revitalising the butchers shops. While supermarkets pride themselves with buying top quality, talking to a butcher can’t be beaten. And it’s becoming a profession for younger people, as this great short video from Thrash Labs in San Francisco clearly shows.

Food waste? Call the gleaners

gleanersThis is the first four minutes of Agnes Varda’s full-length documentary, “The Gleaners and I” (2000). Inspired by Realist painter Jean-François Millet’s famous painting “The Gleaners [Les Glaneuses] (1857),” Varda (and her cat) explore contemporary practices of scavenging and recycling. The official trailer is here on YouTube.

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